Saturday, March 6, 2010

Carnation Nation

Wishing for spring, I picked up some pink carnations at the grocery store yesterday.

Carnations are a great way to keep fresh flowers in the house without spending a fortune, plus, they last longer than most blooms and come in a wide range of colors.

I finally settled on the light pink ones...

I was trying to decide how to display my bargain flowers...I knew I wanted to bunch them tightly together rather than putting them in a bucket or vase.

So, I simply cut the stems very short-to about two inches. I then sliced the bottom off of a styrofoam ball so that it would stand straight by itself. Next, I tightly stuck each bloom into the ball creating a pink dome. I then put the arrangement in a white bowl with some water...

Many of us are in a time that we have to forego such luxuries as fresh flowers, so it's nice to know that there are inexpensive options that are still pretty!

This arrangement is abundant enough to remind me of hydrangeas or favorites!

...Yet practical and accessible enough to have on display around the house.

Now that I have the flowers, I can't wait to spruce up the porch for spring...

Have a great weekend!
Treat yourself to a bargain!


  1. Those are gorgeous against the green wall. Great colors!
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  2. Thank you so much! I'm a sucker for pink!

  3. hi there. your blog is so adorable it just warms my heart.
    hope you have a great weekend. will be following.

  4. I miss having fresh flowers everyday. You've inspired me.

  5. Aww, thanks you guys!! I've been so absent from the blog these last two weeks I missed your comments! Thanks for becoming followers and I'll be back on my game this week!!