Monday, March 22, 2010

Quiet on the Homefront

We haven't been doing too much around here lately.
Everything has been rather quiet at home.

I was feeling a little under the weather last week, so there are no new projects to reveal.

I've just been straightening up and re-organizing things a bit. I finally sorted my barely used cook books and cleared our catch-all counter spot.

It's amazing what a basket can do do capture the clutter. I love the TJ Maxx mirror on the counter that I scored for 8.00...

I just had to include the next picture-Take note of our little pig-I mean pug-Norma walking to her water dish! A rare in-motion shot!

I'm itching to find something to line the windows of our kitchen pantry door. See it in the background below? Believe it or not it was discarded at Lowe's and we got it for 5.00! Seriously-my mom found it and called us to see if it would fit. It was too big but we told her to take it anyway. We just sliced it down to size and voila! I love it! I just hate seeing our messy food stash inside.

It has to be lined with something that looks nice from the living room too. I haven't fallen in love with anything yet, so for now, we're looking at canned goods.

The mirrors behind Noa-also from TJ's-12.99 each. I love a bargain!
I'll be working on a few small things this week and I will soon have pictures of my sister in law's new house-drool! Stay tuned!
Have a great day!

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