Tuesday, March 16, 2010

High on 9 by Design

I have been completely obsessed with Robert and Cortney Novogratz, the couple who is Sixx Design, since I first spotted pictures of their Great Barrington house in O at Home magazine. I then eagerly awaited the publication of their book Downtown Chic and have read every word and drooled over every picture countless times.

I have been waiting and waiting for their new Bravo show 9 by Design. Luckily, I caught a preview episode on Sunday and it does not disappoint!!!

Their story is amazing. First of all-they now have 7 kids! They began purchasing/renovating/and selling houses in NYC just over 10 years ago and have since made millions doing what they love. But, the road to their success wasn't always perfectly paved. That seems to me so alluring about this family-they welcome the challenges and the mistakes and don't mind admitting to them.

They decorate with what they like and make it all work together. Though they have 7 children, they don't sacrifice style. Their kids rooms are so beautifully put together. High end pieces, secondhand furniture, flea market finds and mainstream store purchases all reside together creating the perfect balance.

Just by glancing at these photos you can see that their home is full of personality.

They seem to be fans of the West Elm parson's desk! I spy one in the girls' room and the above master. Love all the artwork...

9 by Design airs Tuesday, April 13 on Bravo. Whether or not decorating is your thing, it should make for an interesting show! Check it out for some inspiration. If you want to see more/read more go here.
Happy St. Patty's!

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