Friday, February 26, 2010

Nice and Toasty

After six years, we finally started using our fireplace to keep us warm. I love the coziness a crackling fire adds to these snowy days.

When we first moved in, the multi-colored brick on the fireplace was covered with panelling. To expose the stone, we pulled the panels down and I painted the entire surface white.

Our mantle is constantly rotating but I like to keep it very simple. The distressed patina on the antique coat rack livens it up a bit. As does my absolute favorite scented candle of all time...

Capri Blue's Volcano candle in the turquoise jar from Anthropologie. It smells so light and fresh and it really fills the whole house with its scent. The jar itself is so beautiful too. Even after the candle has gone, the glass jar can be put to many uses. In addition to the Volcano candles, I love having a bunch of unscented ones on hand and I often keep some of my stock in the glass hurricanes on the mantle.
They look pretty even when not lit.

For a little hint of light pink, I keep this discarded piece of rusted tin that I found in a thrift shop in nearby Beacon, NY...

It looks like someone spray painted over a branch of leaves to create the pattern. I love the simplicity and worn beauty of this piece. It's actually much lighter in person, but you get the idea. In case you haven't noticed, I'm quite drawn to turquoise and pink accents!

Much of what I put on display are usually pieces I really love. I don't like to have too much clutter around, so I have to really like something for it to remain. The small turquoise pillar holder is one of my favorite things...

I love the tiny red heart on it-probably the only red in my whole house! The distressed metal floral pillar holder is another one of my true favorites...

This was a TJ Maxx clearance find for just 6.99! The etched glass jar on the right and the small votive holder in front are also from TJ's...

The stone birdie is another permanent fixture here...

I found it at a thrift store in Hudson, NY. It sits on a piece of turquoise patterned paper-part of an invitation that I simply cut in half and kept because I loved the decorative leaf print! The small but very heavy toile stool on the floor is also from TJ Maxx and is where Noa sits to "play markers". She loves using the fireplace as her desk to color and be creative-it's just her height!

Now that I think about it, I guess the fireplace adds warmth to our home even when it's "off"!
Have a good day!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Local Bargains and City Scores

As you know, this past weekend I had planned on doing some bargain hunting. I only managed to hit one store - a fairly new local thrift shop - but it was definitely worth it!
This chippy white oval mirror is now mine!

At a mere 5.00, it was a great bargain! I think it will make a charming addition to almost any room and I've yet to decide where to put it. Possibly Noa's Big Girl Room?
As you can see from the pictures, the mirror is resting on a weathered wood surface...

This drop leaf table caught my eye right away.

It was piled with old milk crates (which, unfortunatley, weren't for sale) and very hard to spot, but I knew this would make for a great before and after project! I'm thinking a quick sanding, some milky white paint and a bit of distressing and this neglected little table will be transformed into a beautiful, classic piece of furniture. Here's a side view...

But what is all that stuff on top of the table, you ask? Some more bargains from... Anthropologie! Yes! I made my way into NYC on Tuesday and found some pretty sweet deals at Anthropologie. But first, a look at the 15.00 price tag on the table. I still can't get over it!

Whenever I go to Anthropologie I fall in love with all the colorful decor. My house is quite pale and I lean towards a lot of white in my decor. But, I always leave Anthropologie with a few colorful items I can disperse throughout the house. So, I bought some monogram card sets with our last initial on them. They are beautiful in person and the board they are made from is heavy duty stuff. The original price was 16.00 a box and they are now on clearance for 3.95! I'll probably frame one and hang it in the kitchen.

Speaking of the kitchen, I think Anthropologie oven mitts are so pretty and have had the same two for the last five years. Needless to say, they are very durable, but they were looking pretty used and abused. So, I invested in two more and plan on using these for another five years. At the original price of 12.00 each I consider them a useful investment. Plus, they add a pop of color to the kitchen.

If you're looking for drawer pulls, act fast! People were swarming the sale bins. I found these great milk glass pulls for 2.95 each. I think I'll use them on my dining room cabinet.

Nugget wanted to get in on the action...I also got a magenta hair bow for her which was also on clearance. You might be able to spy it in some of the earlier table shots.

My absolute favorite Anthropologie purchase was this turquoise clay urn...

I love the color, shape, material and 8.00 price tag...

If you like it, I suggest you zoom to your nearest Anthro to scoop some up. I regret not getting a few more. They come in three shapes and an earthy yellow color too if blue is not your thing.

Hmm..I think I might order some more from their website.
If you decide to do the same, Happy Shopping! If not, I envy your restraint!
Have a good day!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Presenting my Present

I always like wrapping gifts in white paper.

Simply change the ribbon depending on the occasion.
It never fails to look simple yet eye-catching.

Yesterday, these gifts were supposed to come with me to a baby shower. But, my little Nugget had a fever, so I had to cancel.

Inside one of these boxes is my first attempt at decoupage work...

What do you think?

It was actually quite fun to make!

The distressed frame is from TJMaxx and all
the other materials are from Hobby Lobby.
I bought scrapbook paper, wooden letters, felt stickers
and sticky pearls-I had the doilies already and added them on
at the last minute-but I'm glad I did.
I think they add a little extra something.

This was my first experience using Mod Podge-messy!
But, after a while I got the hang of it.
I simply used an x-acto knife to outline each letter on different patterned paper leaving about an extra 1/2 inch all around the edges. Next, I quite sloppily brushed the front and back of the cut paper with the glue then brushed each piece onto a wooden letter. I was brushing continuously so the paper would adhere to the edges properly. Once the letters were drying, I lined the frame backing with paper and doilies and smeared the heck out of that with the glue. After it all dried and was into the frame, I lined it with the sticky pearls and glued the letters on. I added two tiny flower stickers in the corners and that's it. Done!

I hope she likes it!
Have a good day!

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Rescue and Some Weekend Reading

My favorite candelabra has been saved!

My husband spent a lot of time binding the pieces together. It proved to be a very stubborn break and he went through a few trials before it finally held. Let's just say he rigged it together with dental floss and a notebook while the glue was drying!

Whatever it takes, right?

At just 1.00 for 3 tubes, Super Glue works like a dream. Just make sure to have nail polish remover on hand since it's the only thing that can safely clean up any accidental splatters.
Well, now that my candelabra is in tact I can breathe easy again!
This weekend I plan on scouring some thrift shops with my sister and diving into some of these...

I constantly look at these books for inspiration and they never disappoint! Often, all I need is to take in a few pages of Rachel Ashwell or the Novogratzes and I'm ready to do some sprucing up of my own!
Notice the lucite table?

I absolutely love it and it was a 20.00 Craigslist score!!
With its curvy lines and multiple uses, it is definitely one of my greatest finds. I hope to show you a few more bargains after my Saturday thrifting. I have nothing specific in mind, but that's usually when we find just what we've been looking for, isn't it?
Have a relaxing weekend and enjoy all your favorite things!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Injured Candelabra!

A sad thing occurred in my dining room today...

I have often identified my aqua candelabra as my "favorite object" in the house. It has been part of the dining room since the day my sister gave it to me at my bridal shower six years ago and not a day has gone by that it hasn't caught my eye-even if only for a split second. I truly adore the color and style of this piece and never even consider moving it to another room or putting something in its place-which, for me, is rare because I rearrange almost daily! It must be love!
(I know if you're reading this you probably like to rearrange too!)

But for the THIRD time in its life, my beloved candelabra has come undone.

Yes, It has already been glued together at the base and on the arm. But today, I really did it in...

Not only did the entire arm break off, but it shattered into pieces! I have to admit-it was all my fault. While on the phone I noticed some dust on it and decided to mindlessly wipe it with a damp paper towel. Oh, how I would much rather my dusty four arms than this...

The super glue is currently setting. Keep your fingers crossed!
I'll let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Frame Games

All this snow had me itching for a project today.
So I made a bulletin board...

It was quick and easy.

Best of all, it was inexpensive!

But still functional and pretty!

I started off with this gold frame I purchased over the summer from the Stormville Flea Market. Once I started priming I realized I forgot the "before" shot but you can still see the gold here.

This was the painting that came in the frame. Not really my style, but I knew the frame was just what I was looking for. I ended up paying 12.00 for the combo because the seller wouldn't let me purchase the frame alone. Understandable, and still a bargain. So, I just popped out the painting before I began spraying. What a difference a coat of paint makes!

The correct way to make a bulletin board is to use cork, but I had none here and my impatience led me to seek an alternative material. I remembered I had a few large pieces of white foam board from Hobby Lobby in the basement.
(FYI-I've also spied the same board at the Dollar Tree)
Perfect! I just measured it and cut it to fit the frame.
I used a piece of fabric I had in my stash from Etsy. The colors and print on this soft sheet like material are so beautiful and I was excited to finally have a place to use it! I simply cut it a bit larger than the foam board and stapled around the back edges. There's still some left over-Bonus!
But what could I use for thumb tacks?

Why not faux pearl earrings from Forever 21?! I paid just 3.80 for six pairs back in August but I never wore any of them. It was finally time to put them to good use.

I'll have to go through Noa's art work tomorrow to find some masterpieces to tack up!

Now I just need the perfect desk for underneath the new bulletin board.
I'm thinking the white West Elm Parsons table!

The earrings actually stick very tightly into the foam board but they are still easy enough to move around if I need to change them.

I am quite pleased with the results of my snow day DIY!

I hope you had a good day too!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Budget Snuggles and Candy Fun

This weekend was one of the more relaxing we've had in a while.
A lot of time was spent snuggling our little Nugget in here....

I've always had a thing for an all white bed. It just screams "Jump In"! Our bedroom was definitely put together on a dime. The bedding and curtains are Simply Shabby Chic from Target and the dressers and lamps are from Ikea. I'm still not sure about what to do with the drawer pulls. I had originally planned on clear glass knobs, but I kind of like how the black is a modern contrast to the fluffy white. What do you think?

I always love having candles around. I pick up plain white ones at TJ Maxx whenever they are on clearance. The silver tray was my Gram's-she was going to sell it a few months ago at her yard sale so I snatched it up!! The mirror was 10.00 at a local thrift store-I toned down the gold by rubbing it with some white paint. The bust of the young girl was 50 cents...for a pair! The male counterpart is on my husband's dresser-a perfect "his and hers" indicator!

Milk glass is another love of mine. I pick up pieces here and there when I see them for a bargain. This one was 3.00 and it's one of my favorites. I love the shape of it-I've used it to hold jewelry and flowers. Notice the gold piece in front-it's a vintage lipstick holder. Though I've never put actual lipstick in it, I just love the colors and details. My mom's mother in law had a very cute secondhand store for a short time so this was another!

This huge window was a Craigslist find. It was a super bargain at 5.00 and it was only ten minutes away! When I found it I fell in love but had no idea what I was going to do with it. I do like it in our room, but eventually I think I'll hang it up. It's scary heavy though so I've been avoiding it! I just de-framed a Homegoods print and leaned the cardboard picture behind it for now. Again, some black for contrast.

My sister surprised me with a little mercury glass Anthro treat this weekend!
I put it on the window sill above the bed. Thanks Steph!

Now this is the corner of the impractical, space eating, laundry consuming bench. Oh how I want a white arm chair here in its place. Preferably the Ektorp Jennylund from Ikea. I've yet to convince my husband that we absolutely need it and that once we have it he'll wonder how he ever lived without it, but I'm working on him!

The birdcage is the only thing I really like in this corner. It too was a Homegoods find and all black when I bought it. I rubbed it with white paint and lined the bottom with scrapbook paper for some color. It would be perfect on the floor next to that cozy white chair, right?!

Noa had a fun weekend too. Grammy came over to watch her so we could go out to dinner with my sister and her husband. She brought her a candy necklace among many other treats-which she LOVED!

She wouldn't stop licking it! After we got home from dinner Steph and my mom had fun playing with Noa...

They never cease to entertain...Don't ask!!! But it was really funny!
...It really is all about the simple things.
Have a great day!