Friday, February 19, 2010

The Rescue and Some Weekend Reading

My favorite candelabra has been saved!

My husband spent a lot of time binding the pieces together. It proved to be a very stubborn break and he went through a few trials before it finally held. Let's just say he rigged it together with dental floss and a notebook while the glue was drying!

Whatever it takes, right?

At just 1.00 for 3 tubes, Super Glue works like a dream. Just make sure to have nail polish remover on hand since it's the only thing that can safely clean up any accidental splatters.
Well, now that my candelabra is in tact I can breathe easy again!
This weekend I plan on scouring some thrift shops with my sister and diving into some of these...

I constantly look at these books for inspiration and they never disappoint! Often, all I need is to take in a few pages of Rachel Ashwell or the Novogratzes and I'm ready to do some sprucing up of my own!
Notice the lucite table?

I absolutely love it and it was a 20.00 Craigslist score!!
With its curvy lines and multiple uses, it is definitely one of my greatest finds. I hope to show you a few more bargains after my Saturday thrifting. I have nothing specific in mind, but that's usually when we find just what we've been looking for, isn't it?
Have a relaxing weekend and enjoy all your favorite things!

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