Monday, February 15, 2010

Budget Snuggles and Candy Fun

This weekend was one of the more relaxing we've had in a while.
A lot of time was spent snuggling our little Nugget in here....

I've always had a thing for an all white bed. It just screams "Jump In"! Our bedroom was definitely put together on a dime. The bedding and curtains are Simply Shabby Chic from Target and the dressers and lamps are from Ikea. I'm still not sure about what to do with the drawer pulls. I had originally planned on clear glass knobs, but I kind of like how the black is a modern contrast to the fluffy white. What do you think?

I always love having candles around. I pick up plain white ones at TJ Maxx whenever they are on clearance. The silver tray was my Gram's-she was going to sell it a few months ago at her yard sale so I snatched it up!! The mirror was 10.00 at a local thrift store-I toned down the gold by rubbing it with some white paint. The bust of the young girl was 50 cents...for a pair! The male counterpart is on my husband's dresser-a perfect "his and hers" indicator!

Milk glass is another love of mine. I pick up pieces here and there when I see them for a bargain. This one was 3.00 and it's one of my favorites. I love the shape of it-I've used it to hold jewelry and flowers. Notice the gold piece in front-it's a vintage lipstick holder. Though I've never put actual lipstick in it, I just love the colors and details. My mom's mother in law had a very cute secondhand store for a short time so this was another!

This huge window was a Craigslist find. It was a super bargain at 5.00 and it was only ten minutes away! When I found it I fell in love but had no idea what I was going to do with it. I do like it in our room, but eventually I think I'll hang it up. It's scary heavy though so I've been avoiding it! I just de-framed a Homegoods print and leaned the cardboard picture behind it for now. Again, some black for contrast.

My sister surprised me with a little mercury glass Anthro treat this weekend!
I put it on the window sill above the bed. Thanks Steph!

Now this is the corner of the impractical, space eating, laundry consuming bench. Oh how I want a white arm chair here in its place. Preferably the Ektorp Jennylund from Ikea. I've yet to convince my husband that we absolutely need it and that once we have it he'll wonder how he ever lived without it, but I'm working on him!

The birdcage is the only thing I really like in this corner. It too was a Homegoods find and all black when I bought it. I rubbed it with white paint and lined the bottom with scrapbook paper for some color. It would be perfect on the floor next to that cozy white chair, right?!

Noa had a fun weekend too. Grammy came over to watch her so we could go out to dinner with my sister and her husband. She brought her a candy necklace among many other treats-which she LOVED!

She wouldn't stop licking it! After we got home from dinner Steph and my mom had fun playing with Noa...

They never cease to entertain...Don't ask!!! But it was really funny!
...It really is all about the simple things.
Have a great day!

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